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Solitaire Payphones Ltd have a range of private payphones to suit almost any application and environment. From the lowest "plug in and go" payphones right through to rugged, vandal-resistant models for use in semi-supervised places, Solitaire Payphones offer sensible features, value and reliability.


Backup and after sales service is assured through a network of trained dealers and maintainers.

Solitaire Payphones are in use throughout the Private Payphone Market in Hospitals, Care Homes, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, Guest Houses, Airport Lounges, Public Houses, Hair Dressing Salons, Clubs, Sports Complexes and over 100.000 private houses.

Where cost control of telephone call charges is important - Solitaire have the choice of payphones to suit many differing customer demands.

For more details of these additional functions call us on   01372 270111.

For Lost Keys and Spares etc. we now accept Paypal 


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