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If you need to provide payphone users with a Prepaid Card based alternative to coins we offer the Solitaire Phonecard.

Simple to use via our 0800 Freephone number* so no additional call costs on your telephone line, with Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

To use the card, clients simply scratch off the panel on the reverse to reveal a unique PIN, lift the handset, dial our Solitaire Phonecard Freephone number, the call is answered by our IVR system:-

 “Please enter your Phonecard number...”

They then dial the PIN number from their card, if this is valid the IVR responds with:-

“You now have £5 please dial the number you wish to call…”

The call proceeds until they hang up, call credit is deducted during the call or the £5 has been used. (Call rates vary between Landline/Mobile and International numbers). 


If credit remains on the card at each subsequent usage the IVR updates the client. E.g. “You now have £3.50 please dial the number you wish to call…”

Simple telephones connected to a telephone system can usually be programmed to access ONLY the Solitaire Payphones “Freephone” number so that users can only access the network using a Solitaire Prepaid Card.

These Solitaire Prepaid Cards also allow sites to offer rationed landline access to enable other users to gain access as once the £5 call credit has been used the call is disconnected.

*The Freephone number can be programmed as a Memory accessed number from all Solitaire 2000/2000A 6000/6000A and 6000 High Security Payphones to further simplify user access.

(Solitaire 6100/6100 High Security need remote access to Solitaire Payphone Management System).

(Magnetic Swipe element discontinued, memory button usage still possible on Solitaire 500).

Solitaire Phonecards have a face value of £5.00, available in packs of 10 off.


If you wish for more details please use the [Get in Touch] button, send us your details and we will provide a quotation against your requirements.

NB 999 or 112 is Barred, the service cannot be used to access other 0800/0808 Freephone numbers  118XXX numbers or 090 Premium rate numbers.

Cards are normally despatched on the next working day following receipt of payment.

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