New Solitaire 6000 €uro and Solitaire 6000HS €uro

Do you have a business premises/ holiday home /rental apartment in Europe, and can’t find a Euro coin operated payphone ? , we have the answer:-

  • Accepts 20c 50c €1 and €2 Coins
  • Fully RoHS Compliant to latest EU Regulations
  • Fitted with adaptor for simple local telecom network connection
  • Pre-Adapted to call charges for each country
  • Already supplied to Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece,
    Ireland ( 6000, 6000 HS,), Malta, Spain...

Adaptable to accept a combination of both Local currency & Euros if you live in a location which is shortly to join the Euro Zone and need the payphone to operate over a transitional period , or indeed other currencies outside the Eurozone

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Stock readily available, rapid airfreight delivery available

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