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Solitaire 2000 is currently on Special Offer at £144.00 including VAT & delivery / BACS Prepayment Only,

Pro Forma Invoice available on request.

Solitaire 6000 and Solitaire 6000 High Security which are designed to provide a indoor public payphone service for supervised locations can be configured for specialist applications e.g. HS Handsets with Shortened Anti-ligature Armoured Cord 999/112 Barring (Disclaimer Required) Token Only adaption for situations where coins are not required Double Padlock Security Assembly to take theft deterrence to the next level Non Standard Tariff settings to allow users to make subsidised calls.


Where do I now get Solitaire Spares?

A full range of Solitaire Payphone spares are available here.

To discuss your requirements please call our Solitaire Payphones Helpline on 01372 270111


Where do I now send Solitaire products for Repair?

Please contact Solitaire Payphone Helpline for repair quotation, we offer a full repair service with rapid turnaround.


Who do I contact if I need Installation or On Site Maintenance for a Solitaire Payphone?

Installation, Maintenance and On site services are available for Solitaire Payphones, we just need details of your model number and Post Code using our contact form


Solitaire 6100 / 6100HS

 We operate the Solitaire Payphones Management System which provides remote status reporting, cash records and allows remote programmability of parameters including Coin acceptance [New £1 Coin]. 


What if I lost the Keys to a Solitaire payphone?

Basic Solitaire 2000 or 6000 key replacement now £30.00 + VAT (Total £36.00) HS Keys now £90.00 + VAT (Total £108.00) 2 Program, 2 Top Cover and 2 Cashbox.



All warranty matters should be referred to your supplier.


Where can I get copies of User Guides?

Click here for our Solitaire 6000 user guide.

Click here for our Solitaire 6000 brochure.

Click here for our Solitaire 2000 user guide.

Click here for our Solitaire 2000 brochure.


What about Non Solitaire products?

Regrettably these are not supported by Solitaire Payphones Limited.


All other matters please call 01372 270111

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