1. Where do I purchase a Solitaire Payphone?

Solitaire Payphones can be purchased on line using Credit or Debit Cards viawww.solitairepayphones.com


Solitaire 2000 is also available on a Cheque with Order basis, please call 01372 270111

Solitaire 6100HS is no longer available as a new payphone but is still supported by Solitaire Payphones , please call our Helpline on 01372 270111 Solitaire 8000 and 8000HS are no longer available. For the Solitaire Payphone Management System (PMS) please call Solitaire Payphones Limited on 01372 270111 for new customers and details of ongoing support contracts. The Solitaire product range had already been outsourced to the Far East and the same supplier of Quality Telecommunications Equipment, Kingtronics Industrial Company Limited, will be producing, any enquiries for the supply of other Telecommunications and AV products please call 01256 896698.


2. Where do I now get Solitaire Spares?

Solitaire 6000/6000HS Handsets available via www.solitairepayphones.com for any other spares requirements please call our Solitaire Payphones Helpline on 01372 270111

3. Where do I now send Solitaire products for Repair?

Jet Communications provide a Repair service for all Solitaire Product, please call (01344 867799) for details of Price and Availability.

4. Where can I obtain Plug In Customisers (PIC's) for Solitaire Payphones?

Jet Communications provide a PIC service in support of Solitaire Payphones, please call (01344 867799) for details of Price and Availability (e.g. Sol 6000 20p Min Fee PIC).

5. Who do I contact if I need On Site Maintenance cover on a Solitaire Product?

Environmental Phones provide an On Site Maintenance Service on Solitaire products, please call 01949 839970 or email SALES@ENVIRONMENTALPHONES.CO.UK for details of Price and Availability.

6. What if I lost the Keys to a Solitaire payphone?

Basic Solitaire key replacement now £20.00 + VAT (Total £24.00) HS Keys now £60.00 + VAT (Total £72.00)

7. Warranty

All warranty matters should be referred to your supplier.

8. Where can I get more Product Brochures?

Brochures are available for downloading as pdf files from our Website.

9. Where can I get copies of User Guides?

User guides for the current range are available for downloading as pdf files from our Website.

10. What about Non Solitaire products?

Regrettably these are not supported by Solitaire Payphones Limited.

11. All other matters please call 01372 270111