The Solitaire 6000 payphone is designed for supervised locations, yet offers coin refund/reject and greater flexibility in programming. Adjustable charge rates allow the owner to either just cover call costs or fully maximise payphone revenue. It can be set to work as an extension to a PABX. It can be screwed down to a tabletop or shelf, or fixed directly to a wall. New £1 coin ready.

Solitaire 6000

    • Ready to use. Just Plug In
    • Pay-on-answer operation with Refund
    • Takes current UK coins 10p, 20p, 50p, £1
    • Electronic Coin Discrimination
    • 3 direct dial memory buttons with Audit Record
    • LCD Display of Cash Records
    • Owner's PIN number to allow calls without coins
    • Reverse Charge Call Protection
    • 600 coin cash box capacity
    • Direct line or PABX (Autodial Access Digit)
    • Pulse/Tone Switchable
    • International Calls allowed (Barring Option)
    • Adjustable Ringer Volume (High Low Off)
    • Allows 999/112 Emergency Calls without coins
    • Table/Wallmount with easy empty cashtray
    • Optional high security version available (Solitaire 6000 HS)
    • Adjustable tariffing
    • Line Powered with Battery back up option