If you need to provide payphone users with a Prepaid Card based alternative to coins we offer the Solitaire Phonecard.


Simple to use via our 0800 Freephone number*, so no additional call costs on your telephone line, with Interactive Voice Response (IVR).


These Solitaire Prepaid Cards also allow sites to offer rationed landline access to enable other users to gain access as once the £5 call credit has been used the call is disconnected.

Solitaire Phonecard (10 off)

    • Solitaire Phonecards have a face value of £5.00.
    • Available in packs of 10.
    • *The Freephone number can be programmed as a Memory accessed number from all Solitaire 2000/2000A 6000/6000A and 6000 High Security Payphones to further simplify user access.
    • (Solitaire 6100/6100 High Security need remote access to Solitaire Payphone Management System).
    • (Magnetic Swipe element discontinued , memory button usage still possible on Solitaire 500).
    • NB 999 or 112 is Barred, the service cannot be used to access other 0800/0808 Freephone numbers, 118XXX numbers or 090 Premium rate numbers.