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Solitaire 6100 Table top / Wall mounted plastic cased payphone comes with NEW Handset & Curly Cord , Lock & 2 keys / Fixing Screws & Wallplugs

Case back/Hinge mechanism/Cashtray

Solitaire socket clamp to deter disconnection

Updated User Guide

Coin Mechanism which accepts

10p Cupro Nickel, 20p 50p New £1 (2017) and £2 Coins (Old £1 Deleted)

Memory Button 1 set to Solitaire Prepaid Calling Card Access

Payphone contains latest Solitaire Payphone tariffs, fitted with 4 X AA Batteries

Solitaire 6100 Tabletop Reconditioned

  • Furthermore if you would like to set your payphone at installation to [Logged On] to our Solitaire Payphones Management System we will provide ** 3 months of Free email status reports.


    This will allow us to Localise your payphone to ensure correct charging for local calls using your STD code (e.g. 01372)

    • So if your payphone needs emptying
    • Detects a coin runway obstruction
    • Monitors a handset /handset cord issue
    • Does not report when expected
    • Reports cashdrawer left open
    • Detects a Battery issue
    • As cash is collected we will send report of amount collected and when.

    :- we will send you email notifications for a period of 3 months from date of sale.


    We need the following details to activate Solitaire Management System:-

    • Tick Box to Confirm Preset to [Logged On]
    • Telephone Number on which the payphone will be connected
    • Is this a Direct line or Level 9 pabx extension? (must have DDI)
    • Email address for status /alarm reports.


    Ongoing option for a further 12 months Solitaire Payphones Management email support at the conclusion of the 3 month Free trial period would be £52.00 +VAT (Total £62.40 including VAT) per unit/annum, payable in advance.